"Standardization": the new trend of masterbatch industry development

A period of time, for the common protection of resources, protect ecological environment and human health and safety, to ensure that products meet the requirements of environmental protection, safety and health, Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries have to substances laws and regulations of the chemical control of plastic materials and their manufactured products. Masterbatch industry implementation and compliance with laws and regulations of the global "environmental directives and safety standards" is the new trend of global development can not be avoided.

In addition to the global environmental directives and safety standards, enterprises, industries, countries and even countries around the world have develop different levels of standards, such as the product quality assurance system, environmental system standards, safety standards, corporate standards, industry standards, national standards, international standards, some standard are now becoming more common, some even mandatory implementation. In the new historical period of development, we should be a profound understanding of the level of product quality, manufacturing and management levels, economic and trade level, a variety of standard everywhere, on every business enterprises upstream and downstream industries, the final product does not meet standards will affect the development of the whole industry chain and can be described as a prosperity of all prosperity, a shame of all shame. Enterprises in order to survive and develop, they must do all aspects of work, comply with the requirements of economic globalization, adapt the standardized trend, wide range of learning standards, and understanding of standards, standard setting, master standard, use of standard, standardization has become energy and new impetus of the rapid development of enterprisea source, "standard" is the masterbatch industry development trend during the "12th five-Year".

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