Liquid Packaging Film Master Batch

Introduction:Liquid package film master batch should meet the standards of innocuous and tasteless, and comply with the food sanitation standers when select material. It is mainly used in packing vinegar, yellow wine, milk and other liquid food. It has advantages of well hiding place, poison-free and odor-free, and well heat-seal and open-effect after making into packet. According to the characteristics and requirements of liquid package film, it is very strict in the selecting of raw materials. It demands that all raw and auxiliary materials must be innocuous insipidity, and be according with food sanitary requirements.

Characteristics:Good covering rate, innocuous and insipidity, heat sealing after being produced into bag, excellent fastness and opening effects.

Applicable Range:The packet of liquid food such as vinegar sauce, yellow wine, milk and so on.

Recommended dosage:5-20%