master batch

Spec:Round cylinder, range of length 3-5mm, range of diameter 2-4mm, concrete spec can also be selected by users. Allowed 0.5mm, percent of pass=90%.

Appearance:The color is even, appearance is clean, and there is no impurity.

Dispersion:In the blowing-molding between 0.04~0.08mm, there is no permission of obvious color streak. In the range of 1M2, there is no permission of color kneeling which is more than or equal to 2mm, color spot which is more than or equal to 1.5mm.

Proportion (optimum):Color concentrate/plastic granule=1/20~33

Function:As a new plastic coloring material, compared to proportion of white plastic granule, it is main used in blowing molding, injection molding, plastic-coating, medium-hollow, squeezing out and so on.

Advantage:Color is brilliancy, high coloration strength, dispersion is even, using is easy, craft is simple, there is no dust pollution, and users can obtain ideal colored products according to their demanding and they don't need to change former craft.

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