PPR Pipe Master Batch

1.  Introduction:

 PPR pipe master batch is PPR suitable material as base material, applicable for coloring PPR tubes. PPR Special master batch has been introduced for several years in our company, and it has owned more than 100 users in the whole country.

2.  Technical Characteristics:

 2.1    Innocuous. 

 2.2    High temperature resistant (Don' t fade in 5 minute above 220  

 2.3    Lower fusion index, higher molecular quantity  

 2.4    Higher intrinsic viscosity  

 2.5    Heat stabilizer. 

 2.6    High temperature resistant. 

 2.7    Have no color fading.

3.  Specifications:

  3.1    Adopt applicable material of PPR as matrix, and it will hardly influence the primary physical characteristics of PPR tubing. 

  3.2    Comply with the hygiene requirements

  3.3    will not absorb chloroform or rarely absorb chloroform.

  3.4    Excellent rate of characteristic to price. Its price is far lower than the same kind of imported products while the performances are equivalent.

4.  Species:

Light-grayWhite, Clay-yellow, Yellow, Blue and so on.

5.  Recommended additive ratio:

1: 50